EZtronics now on HTTPS


The EZtronics web hosting from today also available via the more secure HTTPS protocol.

For your security and privacy all the traffic from and to our webserver is encrypted with HTTPS / TLS to make eavesdropping much harder.

Our webserver is just like EZtronics itselves already active online for more than 10 years and because of the the advanced security systems in place our customer base and website have neven been leaked or hacked. With pride we would like to add this extra piece of protection for your privacy.

In contrary to many other websites we don’t use external cookies, trackers, pixels, tracers and (advertisement) banners which track your surfing behaviour and send it to external parties (like DoubleClick, Yahoo, Microsoft or Google).

So from your visit to our site no data is being sent to the US to have you tracked: For your privacy.

The only cookie being set is for your shopping cart. Thats why you won’t see any warnings on our site about external parties tracking your surf and shopping behaviour.

Ofcourse we encourage you to check this behaviour by for example the NoScript or uBlock plugins in your browser. You will be amazed who is trying to track your behaviour on other websites ;-)

Deliveries in Week 48 (last week in November): Due to short holidays all orders made in this week will be delivered on December 5, 2016.