• Serial and ISP Breadboard Adapter

Normally you would use a development board, like UNO, to program your ATMega chip. This adapter gives you an ISP header, Serial header, power led and test LED (on port 13) in a small PCB that plugs in directly over your ATMega8/88/168/328P DIP microcontroller. Its perfect for the development phase of a project: Breadboard the rest of your circuit as normally without the extra clutter normally associated with adding a ISP or Serial header.


  • ISP header for programming via avr-gcc or for burning a bootloader
  • Serial header for debugging or programming (can be used with the arduino IDE if you use it with a chip that has the proper bootloader on it); you will need a USB-Serial converter to program the chip from a computer.
  • Power LED
  • Indicator LED on port 13
  • Breadboard friendly
  • Comes with free male header!
  • Crystal, ATMega328P chip and breadboard not included

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Serial and ISP Breadboard Adapter

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