• 4x Isolated Solid State Relay Phidget


When the 3.3V digital output mode of your VINT port is not enough, this output module adds four PWM-enabled solid state relay outputs to your system. Because it uses relay outputs, you can control more powerful devices that require up to 30V and 8A. LED strips, DC motors, power relays, fans and other small circuits are just a few examples of what can be controlled with this module. The REL1100 connects to a port on a VINT Hub.

Phidget REL1100 version 0


  • Four Relays
  • Control power for a circuit or device up to a maximum of 30V and 8A
  • Pulse Width Modulation - rather than simply switching on or off, you can select a percentage duty cycle to limit the circuit power to a specific level.
  • Low-Side Switching - Each solid state relay switches an external circuit to ground when enabled

Technical Details:

  • Quiet, quick and Long-lasting - Solid-state relays switch silently and quickly, and last much longer than mechanical relays.
  • Isolation - A Power surge on the load side of the relay will not damage the VINT Hub or computer
  • Failsafe Protection - Set the device to turn off automatically if your program becomes unresponsive

Product Specifications

Board Properties
Controlled By VINT
Electrical Properties
Current Consumption Min 3.5 mA
Current Consumption Max 4 mA
Load Voltage Max (DC) 30 V DC
Load Current Max (DC) 8 A
Switching Power Max (Real) * 240 W
Relay Properties
Number of Relays 4
Contact Resistance Max 35 mΩ
Turn-off Time Max 100 ns
Switch Type SPST Normally Open MOSFET
Turn-on Time Max 100 ns
PWM Resolution 0.1 %
PWM Frequency Max ** 20 kHz
PWM Frequency Min ** 100 Hz
Physical Properties
Recommended Wire Size 16 - 26 AWG
Operating Temperature Min -40 °C
Operating Temperature Max 85 °C
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 8536.41.00
American HTS Import Code 8536.41.00.50
Country of Origin CN (China)

* Note: At switching powers powers higher than 50W, external cooling may be required. For high power applications, a hockey-puck style SSR may be more appropriate. See the "Other Relays" tab for more details.

** - PWM frequency can only be adjusted on firmware version 120 or newer. You can upgrade firmware by double-clicking on a device in the Phidget Control panel after updating to the latest version of our drivers.

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4x Isolated Solid State Relay Phidget

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