• Solid State Relay Phidget (REL2103_0)


The REL2103 is a simple, easy to use, solid-state relay. This Phidget connects to your computer through a VINT Hub (See related Products).


  • Capable of switching up to 10 amps of current in either AC or DC
  • Control power for a circuit or device up to a maximum of 30V

Technical Details:

  • Quiet, quick and Long-lasting - Solid-state relays switch silently and quickly, and last much longer than mechanical relays.
  • Isolation - A Power surge on the load side of the relay will not damage the VINT Hub or compute.

Product Specifications

Board Properties
Controlled By Digital Output
Relay Properties
Turn-off Time Max 50 ns
Turn-on Time Max 50 ns
Electrical Properties
Current Consumption Max 20 mA
Isolation Voltage (AC) 3.8 kV AC
Load Voltage Max (AC) 30 V AC
Load Voltage Max (DC) 30 V DC
Load Current Max (AC) 10 A
Load Current Max (DC) * 10 A
* - If you need to switch a DC circuit at over 10A, take a look at the technical section of the user guide for wiring that will permit up to 20A.

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Solid State Relay Phidget (REL2103_0)

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