• Brushless DC Motor Phidget -  DCC1100


Brushless DC motors have several advantages over their brushed counterparts: They have longer lifespans, run quieter, and have built-in position control thanks to the hall-effect sensor that tells the controller which coil to activate. In operation, brushless motors behave similarly to stepper motors, with the rotor being pulled into discrete positions with electromagnetism.

The DCC1100 requires a 8-30V DC external power supply and can control a single brushless DC motor from a port on your VINT Hub (see the Compatible Products tab for a list of hubs). In software you can either control the motor velocity, acceleration and stall velocity directly, or you can use the PositionController object to set the motor position using our closed-loop PID controller. For more information on how to use and configure the PositionController, take a look at the technical section of the DCC1100 User Guide.

Safety and Reliability

The DCC1100 has been designed with safety in mind:

  • An on-board temperature chip is accessible via the TemperatureSensor object, so your program will be able to watch out for overheating.
  • The VINT port is electrically isolated from the rest of the board, making it simple to build a Phidgets system without having to worry about ground loops or damage to your hub or computer.
  • A fuse is included on-board for safety in case of power surges.


Product Specifications

Board Properties Controlled By VINT Electrical Properties Supply Voltage Min 8 V DC Supply Voltage Max 30 V DC Current Consumption (Unconfigured) (VINT Port) 500 μA Current Consumption Max (VINT Port) 650 μA Continuous Motor Current Max 20 A Controller Properties Motor Type Brushless DC Number of Motor Ports 1 Velocity Resolution 0.003 Duty Cycle Hall-Effect Sensor Hall-Effect Voltage 5 V DC Physical Properties Operating Temperature Min -40 °C Operating Temperature Max 85 °C

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Brushless DC Motor Phidget - DCC1100

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