• DC Motor Phidget


Control one high-current brushed DC motor with this powerful Phidget. The encoder input and analog input can enable precise control motor velocity and position.

The DC Motor Phidget allows you to control a single DC motor (up to 25 A) or DC linear actuator. It uses high-frequency pulse-width modulation to achieve smooth operation. This Phidget connects to your computer through a VINT Hub.


  • Control velocity and acceleration - Forward and reverse
  • Set a specific target position (requires an encoder)
  • Monitor electrical current - Detect motor stalling
  • Attach potentiometers and other ratiometric sensors - Incorporate position feedback without needing a separate input board
  • Encoder input - Read in the quadrature signal from an encoder attached to the shaft of your motor. This lets you make a closed-loop position controller.
  • Monitor Temperature - Your program can react to changes in controller temperature.

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DC Motor Phidget

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