• Color Sensor Breakout HDJD-S822


Easy to use light sensor which outputs the measurement of the Red, Green and Blue channels as analog values (voltages). Makes it very easy to measure colors in your Arduino or Phidgets project !


  • Converts light sensor input into 3 analog (voltage) outputs for R,G & B.
  • Independent gain selection options for each R,G,B channel via the digital inputs of the HDJD-S822
  • Supply Voltage: 5VDC
  • Dark voltage: 15mV
  • Maximum output voltage: ~3V
  • In the lowest gain setting the sensor can measure 8mW/cm2 for Red, 14mW/cm2 for Blue and 10mW/cm2 for Green.


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Color Sensor Breakout HDJD-S822

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