pH Probes & Sensors

Atlas Scientific’s line of pH probes and microcomputers offers professional engineers a wide variety of pH sensing options designed to meet the needs of your embedded application. Our line of EZO and OEM microcomputers give your machine all the functionality and accuracy of a large bench top pH meter with a single drop-in component.



Description:Connect any off-the-shelve pH probes to your microprocessor that supports UART or I2C...

44.95€ Ex Tax: 37.15€

IoT pH Meter  Atlas Scientific

IoT pH Meter Atlas Scientific

Fully assembled touch screen pH meter. • No assembly or setup required. • Includes laborato..

453.75€ Ex Tax: 375.00€

Ixian pH Transmitter (# Ixian-pH)

Ixian pH Transmitter (# Ixian-pH)

Description:The Ixian series of Atlas-Scientific are a professional set of measurement tools. This i..

199.59€ Ex Tax: 164.95€

Lab Grade pH Probe  ( ENV-40-pH) Atlas Scientific

Lab Grade pH Probe ( ENV-40-pH) Atlas Scientific

Description: This is the Lab Grade pH probe from Atlas-Scientific. The probe is compatible with..

82.50€ Ex Tax: 68.18€

pH KIT (KIT-101P) AtlasScientific

pH KIT (KIT-101P) AtlasScientific

Description: This pH kit (2021 edition!!) includes everything to get you started quickly. I..

164.56€ Ex Tax: 136.00€

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