Temperature Probes & Sensors

Unlike any other material, platinum’s correlation between resistance and temperature seems to be woven into the fabric of the universe. It is for this reason that platinum RTD temperature sensors are the industrial standard for temperature measurement.

 Standard PT-1000 Temperature Probe #PT-STD

Standard PT-1000 Temperature Probe #PT-STD

Description:The Atlas Scientific Standard Temperature Probe is a PT-1000 Class-B platinum RTD temp..

25.35€ Ex Tax: 20.95€

EZO™ RTD Circuit

EZO™ RTD Circuit

Description:Connect any PT-100 or PT-1000 temperature probe and get the values by UART or I2C. Ext..

38.72€ Ex Tax: 32.00€

PT-1000  100mm Temperature Thermowell  (# PT-100)

PT-1000 100mm Temperature Thermowell (# PT-100)

Description: This is a stainless steel thermowell, which can be used with thermal sensors, like the..

35.09€ Ex Tax: 29.00€

PT-1000 Temperature Probe - # PT-1000

PT-1000 Temperature Probe - # PT-1000

Description This is a first class PT-1000 probe, also called platina-1000 sensor, to measure temper..

28.98€ Ex Tax: 23.95€

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