• Lab Grade ORP Probe (#ENV-40-ORP)


Lab grade probes are designed to give the highest accuracy readings possible. The probes chemically inert body lets you expose it to fluorinated compounds and other powerful oxidizers or reducers that would normally destroy an ORP probe of lesser quality. The Atlas Scientific lab-grade ORP probe delivers reliable readings in whatever bizarre chemical you have made.

Range: +/- 2000mV
Accuracy: +/– 1mV
Response time: 95% in 1s
Temperature range °C: 1 − 99 °C
Max pressure: 100 PSI
Max depth: 70m (230 ft)
Connector:Male SMA / Male BNC (optional) comes with SMA connector, we have the adapter when needed!
Cable length: 1 meter
Internal temperature sensor:No
Time before recalibration: ~1 Year
Life expectancy: 2 Years +

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Lab Grade ORP Probe (#ENV-40-ORP)

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