• PhidgetCircularTouch

The PhidgetCircularTouch (1016) detects changes in the capacitance between the on-board electrodes and the object making contact. The side of the circuit board opposite the connector and components is the side intended for contact.

The 1016 can be mounted behind a sheet of glass or plastic; The recommended thickness is 3.2 mm. Use Silicon adhesive when attaching the Phidget to the material; standing the PhidgetCircularTouch off or creating space between the separation material and the Phidget can cause false-triggering to occur. Materials thicker than 3.2 mm may work, but will require a larger surface area of contact to ensure proper triggering (i.e.: two fingers instead of one).

Sliding a finger along the touch sensor varies the Analog Input 0 value from 0 to 1000 in approximately 125 discrete steps. When the finger is removed, the final measured value is retained. Two Digital Inputs are used to convey additional information: Digital Input 0 is True when contact is made with the Phidget, and Digital Input 1 is True when a finger or object comes in close proximity to the board. The Analog Input value is valid when both Digital Inputs are true.

The 1016 connects directly to a computer’s USB port and comes with a 120cm Custom USB Cable (3016) and a Hardware mounting kit (4 nuts and bolts, 4 plastic spacers).


  • Sensor Type: Touch (Capacitive)
  • Detecting Distance Max: 10 mm
  • Current Consumption Max 36 mA
  • Connects directly to a computer's USB port

More information to be found in the User Guide

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