• NEMA-17 Bipolar 48mm Stepper

This motor is a NEMA-17 motor that is 48 mm long. It produces a whopping 4800g-cm of holding torque and good resolution. The motor is also very efficient in converting current into torque and velocity.

This is a 12V Bipolar 4-wire Stepper Motor. This stepper features1.8° Step Angle, power use is at 2.5A maximum.

Motor Type: Bipolar Stepper (4-wire)
Step Angle: 1.8°
Step Accuracy: 5 %
Holding Torque: 4.8 kg·cm
Rated Torque: 4.2 kg·cm
Maximum Speed (w/1063 Motor Controller): 600 RPM
Maximum Speed (w/1067 Motor Controller): 4688 RPM
Acceleration at Max Speed(w/1067 Motor Controller): 1.4E+06 1/16 steps/sec²
Recommended Voltage: 12 V DC
Rated Current: 2.5 A
Coil Resistance: 1.3 Ω
Shaft Diameter: 5 mm
Mounting Plate Size: NEMA - 17
Weight: 332 g

More information to be found in the Stepper User Guide
Mechanical Drawing


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NEMA-17 Bipolar 48mm Stepper

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