• Rotary Potentiometer - WDA-D35-D4C

The WDA rotary potentiometer allows positional feedback for a rotating part in your application. It can also be used as a dial to control variables such as volume, brightness, or sensitivity.

It has 360° of mechanical travel and 345° of electrical travel, meaning that it can be used for measuring continuous rotation with a small blind spot between each rotation.

This sensor can be used with any device with an analog input. Simply cut and solder a 3-wire sensor cable as described in the connection section below.


Sensor Properties

Sensor Type Input (Rotary)
Potentiometer Impedance 5 kΩ
Mechanical Travel 360°
Effective Electrical Travel 345°

Physical Properties

Shaft Diameter 6 mm
Lifespan 50 million actuations
Weight 50 g



The green terminal on the potentiometer is the wiper, and should be soldered to the data line. The other two terminals should be soldered to power and ground. Soldering ground to the middle terminal will result in increasing SensorValue with clockwise rotation, while soldering power to the middle terminal will result in decreasing SensorValue with clockwise rotation.

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Rotary Potentiometer - WDA-D35-D4C

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