• Small Glass RFID Ampoule Tag  13 x 3 mm  (125 kHz, EM4200 compatible)

This is our smallest size RFID 'tag' that we sell. This tag has the form of a glass ampoule and is normally used to tag animals. The tag has a 40-bit unique ID and cannot be re-programmed. This is round, 3 mm diameter, greenish clear glass, and has a 13 mm length.

This tag, using the 125 kHz, EM4102 protocol, can be used with all compatible RFID readers: e.g. Phidget RFID reader, Parallax RFID reader, Arduino RFID reader etc.


  • Protocol: EM4102, Passive, Read-Only
  • Transmission Frequency: 125 kHz
  • Encoding Method: Manchester, 64 bit
  • Unique ID Length: 40 bit
  • Typical Read Distance (with 1023 - PhidgetRFID): 30-50 mm
  • Material: Glass, green, clear
  • Diameter: 13 mm
  • Length: 13 mm
  • Weight: < 0.5 g

More RFID information to be found in the User Guide



EZtronics does not advise or encourage users to implant the RFID tags we sell into humans or animals. These tags are not sold as medical products and are NOT sanitized for medical use. EZtronics is NOT responsible for use of the tags in any form of implanting and we strongly advise against any such use of the tags we sell. We make no guarantee, claim, or authorization of use of our tags as human or animal implant products.


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Small Glass RFID Ampoule Tag 13 x 3 mm (125 kHz, EM4200 compatible)

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