• PT-1000 Temperature Probe - # PT-1000

This is a first class PT-1000 probe, also called platina-1000 sensor, to measure temperature accurately. At zero degrees C, the resistance of this sensor is 1000 Ohm, hence the name PT-1000 probe.

The probe comes with a BNC connector and a silicon connecting cable of 80 cm. The probe is watertight, it can be used in aqueous conditions.


  • Measures: Temperature
  • Range (with Thermowell):  -200 ̊C to 850 ̊C
  • Probe type: Class A platinum, RTD
  • Accuracy: +/- (0.15 + (0.002*t))
  • Connector: Male BNC
  • Extra: we have added an SMA to BNC adapter so you can use BNC or SMA boards!!
  • Reaction time: 90% in 13s
  • Cable length: 81cm
  • Output: Analog (Linear)
  • Life time: 15 years


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PT-1000 Temperature Probe - # PT-1000

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