• Light Phidget (LUX1000_0)


The LUX1000 measures brightness (illuminance). This Phidget is useful when creating automated systems that need to switch on/off at night or in low-light conditions. This Phidget connects to your computer through a VINT Hub (See the related Products).


  • Measurement ranges from 188 microlux (starlight on a moonless night) to 220,000 lux (direct sunlight).
  • Retrieve data as often as every 125 milliseconds.

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties
Controlled By VINT
Sensor Type Light
Light Sensor
Light Level Min 188 μlx
Light Level Max (5V) 220 klx
Light Resolution 188 μlx
Sampling Interval Min 125 ms/sample
Sampling Interval Max 60 s/sample
Electrical Properties
Current Consumption Max * 500 μA
Current Consumption Min 20 μA
Physical Properties
Operating Temperature Min -15 °C
Operating Temperature Max 70 °C

* - Current consumption varies depending on selected data interval. See the graph below for details.



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Light Phidget (LUX1000_0)

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