• Signal Relay Phidget (REL2002_0)


The REL2002 is a mechanical relay. The Signal Relay is a double-pole double-throw style relay meaning it will switch two circuits at once. This Phidget connects to your computer through a VINT Hub (See related Products).


  • Capable of switching two circuits at once
  • Rated for 60W of DC power or 125 VA of AC power
  • DC applications - switch a circuit of up to 120V or 2A, to a maximum switching power of 60W (For example, 30V/2A or 120V/0.5A).
  • AC applications - switch up to 2A or 240V AC, to a maximum of 125 VA of power (For example, 62V/2A or 240V/0.5A).

    Product Specifications

    Board Properties
    Controlled By Digital Output
    Relay Properties
    Switch Type DPDT
    Switching Speed Max 20 cpm
    Dielectric Strength 1.5 kV AC
    Contact Resistance Max 100 mΩ
    Load Current Min 10 μA
    Turn-on Time Max 7 ms
    Turn-off Time Max 4 ms
    Number of Relays 1
    Electrical Properties
    Load Voltage Max (DC) 120 V DC
    Load Voltage Max (AC) 240 V AC
    Load Current Max (DC) 2 A
    Load Current Max (AC) 2 A
    Switching Power Max (Real) 60 W
    Switching Power Max (Apparent) 125 VA
    Current Consumption Min 0 A
    Current Consumption Max 20 mA
    Physical Properties
    Recommended Wire Size 16 - 26 AWG
    Operating Temperature Min -40 °C
    Operating Temperature Max 85 °C

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Signal Relay Phidget (REL2002_0)

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