• PT1000 4-Wire RTD 20cm


Measure -50 to 500°C with this stainless steel class B 3850ppm PT1000 RTD probe. As an RTD this probe offers excellent accuracy and very low drift in comparison to what a thermocouple can offer.

If you need to fix it to a panel or mount it inside an enclosure, have a look at our mounting nuts (see related products). Connects to a RTD Phidget or any other PT1000 compatible device.


Note: While the 20cm tip of the probe can withstand up to 500°C, the wire and sheath cannot. When mounting this probe, ensure that everything beyond the tip of the probe is insulated from high temperatures in order to avoid inaccuracies or damage to the probe. Also, this RTD is not waterproof beyond the 20cm tip.

RTD Interfaces

This PT1000 RTD can be read by connecting it to RTD Phidget in the related products list below.

Function TMP4110
RTD- White RTD-
EXC- White EXC-

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PT1000 4-Wire RTD 20cm

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