• EZO-CO2™ Embedded Carbon Dioxide Sensor

Description: With all the talk of Co2 these days, you would think it’s easy to detect.

But Co2 only consists of 0.04% of the atmosphere meaning; it’s a trace gas that’s quite difficult to detect. The Atlas Scientific EZO-CO2 sensor is a compact Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) sensor that gets right to the point, giving you the Co2 readings in ppm. With internal temperature and humidity compensation, the Atlas Scientific EZO-CO2 sensor easily brings advanced sensing to your next project.

The EZO-CO2™ comes with:
One embedded carbon dioxide sensor, and one data cable with 5 pin male header.

This product can hava a, short, lead-time.

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EZO-CO2™ Embedded Carbon Dioxide Sensor

  • 164.56€

  • Ex Tax: 136.00€

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