• Isolated Thermocouple Phidget

Description: The TMP1100 with an attached thermocouple allows you to measure extreme temperatures. It is great for measuring temperatures in enclosed spaces or in liquids. This Phidget connects to your computer through a VINT Hub.


  • Connects J, K, E or T type thermocouple, choose the type in software and convert to degrees Celsius automatically
  • If you have other thermocouple types, you can open the channel in VoltageInput mode and convert it to Celsius manually.

Technical Details

  • Isolation - The VINT hub and the computer will be protected if anything goes wrong with your circuit
  • Measure from a distance - Thermocouples have been known to work with wire segments as long as 100m, while USB and other sensors suffer from voltage drops after 5 or 10m.

Product Specifications

Controlled By VINT
Number of Thermocouple Inputs 1
Thermocouple Input
Thermocouple Voltage Resolution 1 μV DC
Thermocouple Voltage Noise 6 μV DC
Thermocouple Error Max (K-Type) ± 2 °C
Thermocouple Temperature Resolution (K-Type) 0.01 °C
Sampling Interval Min 20 ms/sample
Sampling Interval Max 60 s/sample
Onboard Temperature Sensor
Temperature Error Max ± 1 °C
Sampling Interval Max 60 s/sample
Sampling Interval Min 300 ms/sample
Temperature Error Typical (At 25°C) ± 0.25 °C
Temperature Max 85 °C
Temperature Min -40 °C
Temperature Resolution 0.06 °C
Electrical Properties
Current Consumption Max 17 mA
Physical Properties
Recommended Wire Size 16 - 26 AWG
Operating Temperature Min -40 °C
Operating Temperature Max 85 °C
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 8471.80.00
American HTS Import Code 8471.80.40.00
Country of Origin CN (China)

* - Current consumption varies depending on selected data interval. See the graph below for details.



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Isolated Thermocouple Phidget

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