• K-Type Teflon Bead Probe Thermocouple (-40°C to +200°C)

Description: The TMP4103 - K-Type thermocouple can measure temperatures between -40°C to +200°C with a ±0.75°C accuracy.

Thermocouple Interfaces

This K-type thermocouple can be read by connecting it to any of the thermocouple interfaces in the list below.

Note: On the 1051 or TMP1100, connect the white thermocouple wire to the (-) terminal block and the red wire to the (+) terminal block.
On the 1048 or TMP1101, connect the white wire to G and the red wire to input terminal block (numbered 0 to 3).

Function 3108
+ Red + / #
- White - / G

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties
Sensor Type Thermocouple
Controlled By Thermocouple Interface
Temperature Sensor
Thermocouple Type K
Probe Type Bead
Ambient Temperature Min -40 °C
Ambient Temperature Max 200 °C
Ambient Temperature Error Max ± 0.75 °C
Physical Properties
Connector Type Stripped Leads
Cable Length 1 m
Cable Gauge 28 AWG
Insulation Material Teflon
Probe Material chromel-alumel
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 9025.19.00
American HTS Import Code 9025.19.80.85
Country of Origin CN (China)

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K-Type Teflon Bead Probe Thermocouple (-40°C to +200°C)

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