•  Standard PT-1000 Temperature Probe #PT-STD


The Atlas Scientific Standard Temperature Probe is a PT-1000 Class-B platinum RTD temperature probe This probe has a short, thin body making it ideal for environmental monitoring. The 316L stainless steel body makes this probe food safe and highly resistant to corrosion. The small body quickly conducts heat from the environment to the platinum sensor inside, giving you low latency, high accuracy readings.

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Probe type Class B platinum, RTD
Range -50 ̊C to 200 ̊C
Accuracy+/- (0.3 + (0.005*t))
Reaction time 90% in 8s
BodyStainless Steel 316L
Cable length 1m (3.2′)
Cable materialTeflon
Connector Male SMA
Output Resistance (Analog)
Life expectancy 15 years

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Standard PT-1000 Temperature Probe #PT-STD

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