• DC Solid State Relay - 120V 75A


For high current loads, this solid state relay is the way to go. Using the digital outputs from a Phidgets device such as the OUT1100 - 4x Digital Output Phidget, you can control the relay to silently switch a DC circuit at 120V/75A or less. There's an indicator LED on the control side of the circuit so you can tell the state of the relay at a glance.

If your SSR is overheating, you should consider getting a heat sink for safety. See the Connection & Compatibility tab for a list of compatible heatsinks. This SSR comes with a heat transfer pad that can be placed between the metal base of the SSR and the surface it's mounted to in order to help encourage heat flow. It also comes with a diode that can be used to protect your SSR against back EMF.

Comes Packaged with
This relay comes packaged with a heat transfer pad and a 10A02-T diode. Use the heat transfer pad whenever mounting the SSR on a heat sink or metal surface. Use the diode in parallel with your load in order to protect your SSR. For more information, see the Solid State Relay Primer.

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DC Solid State Relay - 120V 75A

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