• 12V/1.9Kg-cm/175RPM 14:1 DC Gear Motor

Desxcription: The 3266_1 is a 12 volt gear motor, generating 1.94 Kg-cm of torque at 175 RPM. Since this motor has a lower power output for its size, you can expect it to have a longer lifespan than other motors.

The planetary gearbox on this motor is more sophisticated than a typical spur gearbox and will provide greater efficiency, higher torque, and quieter motor operation.

This revision of the 3266 has had its rear shaft and mounting holes changed to be compatible with the 3531_0 (HTK22 Optical encoder)

We also sell this motor, including Encoder: find it under article number 3266E.


- This motor can be used in a Cerea system, but also in other (steering) systems, including AG Open GPS.

- Version of this motor does NOT come with the optical encoder HKT22 (3531_0)!

- Standard CEREA Kit motor is the 3269_3 motor, or 3269E with encoder installed.

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12V/1.9Kg-cm/175RPM 14:1 DC Gear Motor

  • Brand: Phidgets
  • Product Code: 3266
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