• DC Linear Actuator L16-100-150-12-P

This DC actuator has a stroke length of 100mm with a peak force of 175N and a peak speed of 8 mm/s.


The Actuonix L16 series of linear actuators are compact DC motors geared to push or pull loads along the stroke of the actuator. This actuator comes with a built-in potentiometer, allowing your application to monitor the actuator's position.

The 3577 linear actuator has a stroke length of 100mm and a 150:1 gearbox. It is able to move at a rate of 8 mm/s and can exert up to 175N of force at lower speeds.

Comes packaged with

  • Two mounting clamps
  • Two mounting brackets
  • Two rod end options: a clevis end and a threaded end with nut


This actuator is compatible with Phidget motor controllers and analog inputs.

Currently compatible Phidgets mtor controllers include:

  • 1064_1B
  • 1065_1B
  • DCC1000_0
  • DCC1002_0
  • DCC1003_0

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DC Linear Actuator L16-100-150-12-P

  • Brand: Actuonix
  • Product Code: 3577_0
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 96.80€

  • Ex Tax: 80.00€

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