Winter Season News

We thank the customers for shopping at EZtronics in January and February 2015! Last month we had a great sales. Keep a look for our special offers on these pages.

EZtronics will have a short holiday between March 20 and 27th. Please place your order before March 14th to be sure we ship everything out in time or email us!

If you use FaceBook and have not yet liked our page, please do so.

More news on new products and product updates will follow soon!

Seasons Greetings & Special offers

EZtronics is official reseller for PHIDGETS, Adafruit, Sparkfun, Devantech and many other companies.

We are still running a great discount campaign: Grab your discounted electronics now, these offers only last while our stocks last !

All orders having more than 50 Euro EX VAT in products will receive a random present (Value 5 till 20 Euro) from EZtronics. Every 100 Euro more will get you an extra present from us.

We now also have our own FACEBOOK page that we will use to share news and events regarding the products we sell, including Phidgets. When you ‘Like’ our face book page or give us comments we will send you a discount coupon or a ‘free gift’ coupon !! So register now in our webshop and LIKE our facebook page and we will have an extra gift for you.

Happy New Year !

Summer Time!


As the summer season has started, we at EZtronics would like to wish everyone a great summer holiday! Thanks for your business this year and we hope to see you back soon.

EZtronics is:   OPEN


We are fully open during July/August 2014. Most orders will be handled and shipped as usual, this means we ship all orders the same day when they come in before 4 pm and otherwise they are shipped the next day.

Spring is in the Air

When you visit our web store now, you will find a lot of new interesting parts. Keep checking out this page for some new interesting products and also stock clearings for great low prices.

As always, if you give us your feedback, we will be very glad. The best ideas get a 40 Euros discount coupon for our web shop!

Season’s Greetings from EZtronics.NL


Ordering and Shipping: EZtronics will be opened during the Christmas and New Year’s period. However, due to the holidays there will be no shipments going out on 25 and 26 December and January 1st. Your emails will be answered and orders will, of course, be confirmed and shipped as soon as possible.

Special Discounts from 24th December – January 1st: Check our Store for a daily special starting December 24th. Every day we will have one product at a very low price besides the many Christmas specials! Today we have 25% Discount on our very popular Raspberry Pi EZ starterkit 3.

Free gift All orders between 24th December and January 1st above 50 Euros will receive a free gift. This year’s free gift will be a electronics Kit from KEMO, the 12V smoke alarm Kit (till stock lasts). Smoke alarms are a good thing when you burn candles during the holidays!


EZtronics autumn / winter present: Power bank – NiMH charger + Step up converter

Power Bank - Step Up converter + 2x NiMH charger

Power Bank – Step Up converter + 2x NiMH charger

EZtronics has an autumn present for you: a Kodak Power bank for powering your low power USB devices, like an Arduino UNO, a Raspberry Pi, a smartphone, etc, etc.

Just add 2 good quality rechargable NiMH AA batteries, charge them on the supplied AC charger and you’ll get a portable 5V (USB) power bank !

Just order for 150 Euro or more from our products (incl VAT, excl shipment) and add a comment to your order stating the free power bank and you’ll get it for free from EZtronics !

Power Bank - Step Up converter + 2x NiMH charger

Power Bank – Step Up converter + 2x NiMH charger

Technical details:

  • 230 VAC -> 5V USB power supply
  • 2x AA battery charger
  • Step up converter for generating 5V USB from the 2x AA NiMH batteries.

Happy Autumn !

EZtronics hopes that you all had a great Summer Season with fine weather and lots of sun! We had a great time and are happy to use the small solar panels we sell in our webshop in outdoor electronics projects.

Check our newspages and special offers in the Autumn for extra deals !

Orders made or paid in weeks 35-37 can be delayed due to logistical reasons, we bear our apologies. Please contact our staff via email if you have any questions or concerns.

Welcome to EZtronics – Your Phidgets, Arduino and Raspberry supplier


EZtronics has build a complete new homepage and webshop for you ! We’ve updated the webshop system to a completely new, fresh and modern system.

We like to offer you the latest Arduino, Phidgets, Sparkfun, Adafruit, Raspberry and other brands for your EZ and rapid prototyping needs.

We supply all our product from our own stocks, like the: Phidget Interfacekit 8/8/8, the new Phidget LED64 Advanced, Arduino UNO, Arduino Mega 2560, Raspberry Pi and much much more. Order it with us and have it delivered within 2 days !

IDeal payments, PayPal payments and bank transfers are from now on all supported. Also shipping by normal postal mail (uninsured) is now supported for much lower shipping rates starting at only 3.95 Euro.

The new webshop has a fresh and modern look:


We will feature weekly specials with many products at special prices!

We have ported many products from the old webshop system to the new system, but some products have not been ported yet. If you’re missing a product please don’t hesitate to contact us by mail or phone and we’ll add it asap for you.

Your account at the old EZtronics shop has been ported to the new system and we managed to support your (one way encrypted) password also in the new system. If you would need old order details please don’t hesitate to contact us.