Pre ordering items at EZtronics

We can supply you -all- the products from our main brands at competitive prices. Whether its from Phidgets, Atlas-Scientific, Raspberry Pi foundation, Devantech, we've got you covered.

Some pre-orderable items we've already got in our webstore having a product name ending by 'PreOrder', others can be requested.

Just send us an email (or simply call us) stating your wish list having the amount, product number and description of the item we should procure for you.

We will get back to you with a pricing scheme or a quotation for the items including freight and import duties.

Pre-orderable items will go with our regular import flow of products to keep shipping and import charges minimal.

It depends per manufacturer how frequently we purchase, but in practice it varies from almost weekly to about monthly.

Special orders:

We can also 'Special' order your items from our main brands. In that case, after approval and payment of the quotation we will directly place your order at our supplier.

Advantage is that we will have the special ordered products in within a few business days (it still depends on the supplier). The extra shipping costs and import duties will need to be covered in the special order.


Mail us:  Info [@]  or call us:  +31 30 2421478