Nixie - VFD

Nixie and VFD

In this category we show all our ready made and ready to use Nixie and VFD products.

Nixie tubes are vacuum Tubes, produced in the 1950's to 1990's by several companies. These tubes were used as displays before being replaced by LED's and LCD's from the 1980's. Nixie Tubes give a orange-red kind of light. The tubes work at high voltages (above 170 Volt) so use of these tubes should be done carefully.

VFD stands for vacuum fluorescent display and is a moderner version of a display tube. These come in many different shapes from round bulb (like Nixies) and also flat displays.  VFD are normally green/blueish. VFD operates at much lower voltages, around 40 V, compared to Nixie tubes.

VFD Modular Clock IV-17 with 6 Digits

VFD Modular Clock IV-17 with 6 Digits

DescriptionThis popular Kit from Akufugu comes with 6 original VFD display  tubes that have 16 ..

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