• Atlas-Scientific Wi-Fi Pool Kit ( #Wi-Fi-PK )

In stock right now, April 2024 with us in the Netherlands!


This Kit enables you to monitor your pool, and you can check the current and historical situation on your phone! Using this Kit means you know how to upload Arduino code, for a fee we can support you with setting up the system.

The Wi-Fi Pool Kit reads pH (acidity, which should be around pH 7.6), ORP (shows if enough chlorine is available), and temperature (can you already jump into the pool?). The pH readings are automatically temperature compensated and uploaded to ThingSpeak, which allows for remote readings on a phone, tablet or PC. The code and instructions are available in the download section of this page. Personal usage of ThingSpeak is free.

The Wi-Fi Pool Kit comes with:

  • 1x Enclosure with hardware assembled within
  • 1x EZO pH circuit
  • 1x EZO ORP circuit
  • 1x EZO RTD Temperature circuit


  • 1x Consumer grade pH probe
  • 1x Consumer grade ORP probe
  • 1x PT-1000 temperature probe


6x 20ml calibration solution pouches (2x pH 4, 2x pH 7 and 2x pH 10) and 1x ORP 225mV calibration solution


• No soldering required
• No programming necessary
• Automatically uploads data to ThingSpeak cloud
• Access to data on phone, tablet or PC
• Auto temperature compensation for pH
• Pre-drilled / wall mountable case with clear top
• pH range 0 − 14 / resolution 0.01
• ORP range +/-1100mV
• Operating voltage : 5V
• Current consumption : 280mA at 5V
• Three electrically isolated slots (pH, ORP and AUX)
• One auxiliary (AUX) slot for an additional sensor
• Calibration solutions included.
• IP64 (dust and water splash proof)
• I2C Mode only

NOTE: Opened Kits cannot be returned!


Wi-Fi Pool Kit Setup Guide

Wi-Fi Pool Kit - Thingspeak code

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Atlas-Scientific Wi-Fi Pool Kit ( #Wi-Fi-PK )

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