• EZO-O2™ Embedded Oxygen Sensor

Description:  From environmental monitoring to industrial applications this O2 sensor can be used in countless applications. The Atlas Scientific gaseous oxygen sensor has been designed to read O2 levels from 0 – 420 ppt. The sensor comes calibrated and ready to use right out of the box.

The EZO-O2™ comes with:
One embedded oxygen sensor, one data cable with 5 pin male header, and one Locknut & O-ring.

ReadsGaseous O2
Range0 – 42% (2x atmospheric O2 levels)
CalibrationFactory calibrated
PressureAtmosphere only
Response time1 reading per second
Accuracy+/- 0.01%
(0.2 PPT)
Connector5 lead data cable
Cable length1 meter
Data protocolUART & I2C
Default I2C Address108 (0x6c)
Data formatASCII
Operating voltage3.3V – 5V
Life expectancy~3.5 years

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EZO-O2™ Embedded Oxygen Sensor

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