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This is the lower cost version of the VINT Hubs  HUB0001_0 and HUB0002_0. Need highere speeds, then please use the HUB0002_0


The VINT Hub is one of the most commonly used Phidgets. Connect up to six devices to your computer through a single USB port. Phidgets are "Plug and Program" - When plugged in, they are automatically discovered by the Phidget drivers and made available to your program. You can configure each port to operate in different modes that make it easy to interface with VINT devices, analog sensors, or logic-level circuits. Each port also has a power and ground pin, providing direct access to the USB voltage supply.


  • Six versatile ports that can operate in different modes
  • Communicate with an intelligent VINT Device
  • Read a 0-5V Voltage or ratiometric sensor
  • Act as a PWM-enabled digital output or digital input
  • The mode of each port is set in your program, allowing for flexible use in projects

The HUB0000_1 has improved immunity on newer VINT devices, resulting in a longer maximum cable length for any device with the Shield icon printed on the enclosure.

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VINT Hub Phidget - HUB0000_1 - Phidgets

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