• EZO Complete-pH ( EZO-COM-pH )

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The EZO-Complete USB pH meter (EZO-COM-pH) makes building a custom monitoring system easy. Simply connect the EZO-Complete to a PC and install the free Atlas Desktop software. Connect multiple EZO-Complete pH modules to read pH from multiple locations. Embedded systems engineers can use EZO-Complete pH with any USB-enabled microcontroller. EZO-Complete will create a virtual comport and is controlled using simple serial strings.


Range.001 − 14.000
Accuracy+/– 0.002
Response time1 reading per sec
Supported probesAny type & brand
Calibration1, 2, 3 point
Temp. compensationYes

International standardISO 10523 compliant
(determination of pH)
Dimensions75.7mm x 54.3mm (2.9″ x 2.1″)
Weight~54 grams
Data protocolSerial strings through FTDI virtual comport
Data formatASCII
Operating voltage5V USB

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EZO Complete-pH ( EZO-COM-pH )

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