Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen Probes & Sensors

Building upon our ever-increasing expertise in the field of chemical analysis and robotics. Atlas Scientific’s Dissolved Oxygen sensing capabilities offers precision and accuracy for any mass-produced appliances, robots, or benchtop laboratory/medical equipment.

Dissolved Oxygen Kit - KIT-103DX

Dissolved Oxygen Kit - KIT-103DX

Description:This dissolved oxygen kit includes everything to get you measuring oxygen qu..

381.15€ Ex Tax: 315.00€

EZO Complete-Dissolved Oxygen (tm)  ( EZO-COM-DO )

EZO Complete-Dissolved Oxygen (tm) ( EZO-COM-DO )

The EZO-Complete USB Dissolved Oxygen meter makes building a custom monitoring system easy. Simply..

151.25€ Ex Tax: 125.00€

Lab Grade Dissolved Oxygen Probe ( ENV-40-DOX )

Lab Grade Dissolved Oxygen Probe ( ENV-40-DOX )

The Atlas Scientific Lab Grade Dissolved Oxygen probe is a durable little probe that can work in a..

290.40€ Ex Tax: 240.00€

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